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Accessibility Policy

As an organization Phanta Media and its staff will accommodate customers, fellow employees and visitors of all abilities, welcome service animals and support persons and create accessible ways for people to share feedback or communication of any kind.


Phanta Media welcomes and encourages application to our job postings from people with disabilities.

Accommodations will be made (on request) for any candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Should an interview be offered, all candidates should expect accommodations will be provided.

Phanta Media is prepared and willing to discuss, support through adjustments and make accommodations for any and all needs.


Phanta Media will make every effort to provide workplace information in an accessible format if an employee asks – such as information employees require to perform their jobs (ie – job descriptions, manuals) and general information that is shared with all employees (ie – newsletters, bulletins, etc).

We commit to determine through discussion as to which format such information should be communicated.

This includes all emergency information, health and safety regulations and other corporate policies.



Phanta Media will accommodate any employee while holding formal or informal performance reviews and support them when moving/being promoted to a new job.


We will make every effort to make documents available in accessible formats (ie – large print for visually impaired) and provide feedback in accessible ways (ie – plain-spoken language for learning disabled).


We are prepared to support and make accommodations needed to successfully learn new job skills or take on more responsibilities in new job roles.



Phanta Media supports people of all abilities, including those with disabilities.

We will disseminate the accessibility policies to all existing employees (especially when there is a change in policy) using newsletters, emails, website, bulletin board, staff meetings and in one-on-one conversations.


All job postings, prospective candidates and new hires will be apprised of our accessibility policies.


We are prepared to provide communication accommodation in various forms:

  • reading the written information aloud to the person directly

  • exchanging hand-written notes (or providing a note taker or communication assistant)

  • augmentative and alternative communication methods and strategies (ie – the use of letter, word or picture boards)

  • repeating, clarifying or restating information


We are committed to receiving feedback in different formats (verbal, surveys, comment cards).


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Accessibility Policy please contact us directly.

For more information on the AODA including resources, background information, and a guide, visit one of the following links:

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