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Help us create extraordinary things.

As a branding & creative agency, we help speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs level-up their brand, events & conferences, and content.


We're mission-driven, just like the leaders we work with.

While it's tempting to create a never-ending list of values, at Phanta Media we focus on only four:


Only Make Good Stuff

Give People Hope

Entertain & Engage

Always Level-up


If you want to work with people who focus on results, producing next-level work, and making others look good, then drop us an email:


Open Positions

There are currently no open positions.


Work from anywhere
in the world.

We're far more interested in who you are than where you live.


Even before the COVID outbreak, we were building the systems and tools to allow our team to work from anywhere.

Join our progressive, growth-focused team and become part of a growing Canadian company.

We think that's pretty cool.

Here are 5 more things we think are pretty cool:

1/ We'll train you and help you grow.

We don't expect you to be the expert, yet.  And it's that 'yet' that's key.  You bring the hunger, attention to detail, and a crazy-hard work ethic and we'll help you grow your skillsets to become the 'expert' you're called to be.


2/ You'll do work that matters.

Our work matters. Because unlike your average corporate job, when the mission-driven people we help crush it the people who make up their audiences are impacted.

Real people helping real people overcome the challenges that are holding them back.


3/ We're okay with you being wrong.

Mistakes happen (all the time), but if it's done for the right reasons, corrected afterwards, and used as an opportunity to learn or fix our systems we're all better off.  It's well worth the short-term pain and embarrassment to make everything better.


4/ Every project we 'win' or 'learn'.

The best part of working with Phanta Media is that with each project we always have a chance to fix mistakes and get better.  And so every project is your chance to knock it out of the park, feel the pride of having crushed it, and take your go, "huh, what happened here?"  And to carry those learnings into the next project.


5/ We're all about the #Extraordinary.

You'll see that we use that word a lot.  At Phanta Media, we're all working to build an extraordinary company, to work with extraordinary people, do extraordinary work, and live extraordinary lives.

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