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We make you look good.

As branding experts, we'll level up your brand & positioning.

As professional hosts & event producers, we'll engage audiences.

As designers & creatives, we'll produce kickass content.

You must be courageous.

There's only one you.

And it takes courage to go all-in on you.

The courage to trust your gut while also pushing your comfort zone.


The courage to say what others can't or simply won't say.


The courage to see 10x ahead of where you are now, believing that you can make it happen.


Courage is what we admire most from extraordinary people and brands.


Courage is what you need.

Our process gives you courage.

It's easy to say, "be courageous," but harder to be the one putting your reputation on the line.


With 15+ years of experience doing exactly that - putting our clients' names on the line - we've developed a killer process that helps you:

  1. Crystallize your vision, values, and goals

  2. Find your audience, customers, and tribe

  3. Get competitive intel and identify your advantages

  4. Develop the right look, feel, and message

  5. Focus your efforts on tactics that drive real results

As you make courageous moves, you're backed with a killer strategy, a message that connects, and a brand that knocks people's socks off.*

*Our lawyers require us to make one thing clear: Phanta Media is not responsible for the previously mentioned socks, whether they are removed as suggested or remain firmly in place. While this statement is intended for illustrative purposes only, we like to imagine people flipping out of their chairs as their socks fly off. Now that we think about it, where did this saying come from? Did people literally lose their socks during a moment of surprise? Okay, a quick Google search explains that this is a saying from the 1940s and originally meant that you beat someone in a fight, walloping them you "knocked their socks off."




"I desperately needed help with messaging for one of the speakers I manage and I sought out Mark's help.

I was blown away by Mark's innate ability to ask specific questions that got me to open up and uncover just what was needed."

Kelly Bjorseth

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