B2B Lead Generation

You know who the best customers are, you just need more of them.

Performance-based advertising and marketing tactics bring you more leads and grow sales.  All while tracing back to the dollars spent.


A growth agency

We're in the people business.

Whether it's for lead generation to grow sales, recruitment to build a team full of hustle and heart, or the insight, data, and support needed to make tough calls, it all about people.

Who the right people are: what they think, how they feel, what excites them and scares them? Their hopes, their dreams, and their desires.

So we're really good at understanding people, tapping into their makeup, connecting with them through story, emotion, and reason, influencing their feelings and beliefs, and then motivating them to take action.

Advertising, marketing, sales... it's more psychology than it is systems. It's more storytelling and emotional that it is technology.

We'll bring you the people you need to grow your business and build something you're proud of.


Advertising, marketing and lead generation services.

Things tend to get really complicated, really quick.  We hate that.  Things should be simple: focus your time and budget on the things that actually work and ignore the rest.

Now, when you have access to the data that proves what's working and what isn't, when you can trace back dollars spent to closed sales, it's pretty clear that these 3 things give you the quickest, most predictable returns.

So that's what do.


Creative &

Helping your brand look and feel the part through story, design, and experience; in your ads, on your landing pages, and through email marketing.

  • Brand creative
  • YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram ad creative
  • Full-service video production
  • Motion-graphics & explainer videos
  • Messaging & scripting
  • Photography
  • Editorial content
  • Whitepapers, webinars, demos & high-value assets


Fully-managed, performance-based campaigns that make the most of your advertising spend so you can do more, with less.

  • Google Ads campaigns including paid search, YouTube, & display
  • Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • Targeted LinkedIn campaigns
  • All campaigns are actively managed
  • Analytics, tracking & reporting
  • Insight, strategy & consulting

"All leads are not created equal. As a B2B business, Phanta Media has helped us focus on performance-based lead generation to find more of the customers we want, making better use of our resources, and a stronger ROI on our spend."
Carm McCormick

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Landing pages
& sales funnels.

Value #1 of our culture code is to Drive immediate and never-ending value.  Value #4 is that we believe in Progress over perfection.  The only way to drive real value is to be agile, proactive, and to make changes in real-time. So design-build landing pages and funnels allow us to build and split-test creative, conversion points, and offers ridiculously fast.

  • Landing pages build on Unbounce
  • Sales funnels built on Click Funnels
  • Chatbots
  • Landing page offer videos
  • Testimonial & social proof videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Whitepapers, webinars, demos & high-value assets
  • Bumps, abandonment campaigns, and offer stack development


Growing, engaging, and mining your contact list is one of your greatest capital assets, and yet you're probably not doing anything with it.

Your prospects are ready to buy right now or their not.  Email marketing is for those who are not ready right now but will be ready one day.  So you're top of mind when they are.

  • Email marketing with Mailchimp
  • Gated list-building campaigns
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Abandonment campaigns
  • If/and audience segmentation

Are your sales really growing fast enough?

If not, we can help you scale your B2B business.

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We do it in a pretty unconventional way.

What's a growth agency? >

We're a group of #Extraordinary people.

Our team and culture. >

It's about sales y'all

Spend money on
what works.

Everyone agrees: invest in what works. But most businesses waste a ton of time and money on things they think they should do, without ever digging into if it's working.

At Phanta Media, we only want to do work that works.  For your business, your industry, your customers.

If it's working, we do more.

If it once worked but isn't now, we stop.

If it didn't work from the start, we never do it again.

It's so simple. But few entrepreneurs scrutinize their advertising, marketing and sales spend this harshly because tying every dollar back to leads, to sales, and to the lifetime value of customers is really hard.  It takes systems, data, and insight.

Lucky for you, these are the things we rock.


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Our Clients

We only work
with the best.

This is where we name-drop #Extraordinary clients.

We've been called an absolute pleasure to work with, exceptional, and miracle workers, but more than anything we want to the people who help you make it happen.

Grabbing a drink is optional, hard work isn't. And because of that, we've had the chance to work with some of the greatest people in the world.


"The people at Phanta Media are brilliant."
Sandy De Domenico-Carless

"It's obvious to me as a business owner that these guys don't just go through the motions. They're putting their heart and soul into the work."
Adrian Jayne

"It’s a standard that I’ve not seen in any other creative company that we’ve ever worked with."
Ron McArthur

"They listen, they are focused on telling compelling stories and they always find a way to make it happen."
Marianne Arnaudon

"It was a lot of fun to be honest with you. From start to finish, they helped us along the way and we would definitely recommend Phanta Media."
Ed Bernard

"Phanta Media pushes us, not for the sake of their business but for the sake of ours."
Carm McCormick

"This is not a cookie-cutter company. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter company where it’s inputs in, outputs out, go to someone else."
Andy Olen

"From initial discovery sessions, to strategy, creative, project management, and delivery, Mark knows how to deliver projects that are on-brand, drive results and make his clients look good in the process."
Tim Ledger

"The Phanta approach, for us, was one that made us feel comfortable from day one. Being able to have a real conversation about business with somebody who really understands what you're talking about."
Bud Morris

"Mark challenges existing ideas and is skilled at teasing out the ultimate purpose of any project."
Sara Pulins

"What it really boils down to are the people. The people at Phanta Media are just fantastic."
Muhammad Mamdani

"They push, they challenge and they bring that innovation and creativity to each and every project. The proof is in they pudding and the results havey been superb."
Ron McArthur

"These are guys that are going to get inside your business with an authenticity that is really genuine."
Andy Olen

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We're always developing
new ideas.


We test everything with our own money.


We like to share our thinking and results.

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Build something #extraordinary

Don't worry,
we've got this.

Your purpose is our purpose.
Your budgets are our budgets.
Your team is our team.

We’re very selective by only working with mission-driven owners and once you’re in, you're a part of the family. 

We’re not going to take equity. We’re not going to do your work for you.

But we are going to be there whenever you need us.

And we’re always going to show up and deliver when it counts.

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