Are you one of us?

We're a growth agency that helps entrepreneurs who have something to prove scale #Extraordinary businesses.


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We're trying to build something #Extraordinary.

Big thinking, ridiculously high standards, and a crazy-focus on results; that's what it feels like when you work at Phanta Media.  We look at marketing and business-building like no other agency that I know of.


Now, all companies think they're unique, creative, even entrepreneurial.  Hell, I've worked with the most conservative, corporate companies and they somehow think they're entrepreneurial because they have standing desks and digital whiteboards.  Or companies that think they have "creative" teams because staff show up in sneakers and hoodies. 


I'm not talking about any of that. 


I know we're different because people find it hard to work here.  Rewarding, but really hard.


We've been thinking and working this way for so long that I'm always surprised when I hear that others don't work the way we do.  It just seems like common sense to me.


So when I say that it's rewarding but hard, it's because we're not for everyone.  When I share our culture code what I'm doing is sharing our mindset, our working style, and our level of commitment to building an #Extraordinary results-focused business.


I'll close this little note by adding that my number one goal is not to try and sell you on us.  Do I want you to love us, sure?  But I learned a long time ago that it's not helpful to have you work for a company that's not right for you.


So this is all here to give you to get a sense if we're the right place for you.  To make sure that you really are one of us.


Mark Drager
Founder, Phanta Media



The Phanta Media
Culture Code.

The values and standards we demand of ourselves and others.


01 / Drive immediate and never-ending value.

Think in terms of hours and days, not weeks and months.
For entrepreneurs, time is the enemy.


02 / Do the right thing, always.

Give clients what they ask for and what they need.
Never do it for the money.


03 / Amazing work doesn’t make up for bad feelings.

Predictable communications, thoughtful context, and objective results will create stronger client relationships compared to creativity or technically superior work.


04 / Progress over perfection.

We’re brave enough to use imperfect things and make mistakes now rather than waste time waiting for perfection.


05 / Make it predictable.

To create #Extraordinary results and experiences, you must trust the framework and process.


06 / Never hedge.

Being clear and direct is more loving and respectful than being nice and vague.


07 / We’re here to grow.

We ask, “what’s next?” We’re here to grow ourselves and others.



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The business we're building.

Everyone who works at Phanta Media has something to prove, we're obsessive about results and growth, and we know more than anything else that we're in the business of 'people':

Finding the right people.

Understanding them on a deep, personal level.

Connecting through story, emotion, and reason.

Influencing and inspiring their thinking and beliefs.

Motivating them to take action.



How do we do this?  As Dean Jackson puts it, there are only two types of customers out there: those who are ready to buy right now and those who aren't.

So for those who are ready to buy, we run savvy digital ad campaigns to drive niche, targeted traffic to direct-response conversion pages.  Through our next-level storytelling, brand positioning, and product or service offer, we get people to take action.

For those who aren't ready to buy, we use email marketing and retargeting campaigns to keep them engaged until they are.

Working in an agile framework, we set clear campaign and sprint goals and then measure KPIs against those goals.

Every sprint we split-test.  Every sprint we either improve or learn.

We do what works. We cut what doesn't. And we always ask, "what's next?"



As a growth agency, we work with US & Canadian medium-sized, mission-driven, owner-managed B2B companies who are hungry for growth and ready to make it happen.



It's hard for creatives to face the fact that you can't design or ideate your way to results. That ideas and messages often miss the mark.  And that things that look and feel right based on one person's beliefs or tastes, often don't work.

Will this work?  Will this fail?  Is it right?  Is it wrong?  There's only one way to know: try it, put it in market, measure, and make informed decisions based on real-world data.

With years of campaign data and having worked with many, many creatives - the fact that a lot of things advertisers believe in simply do no work ruffles a lot of feathers.

At Phanta Media we're only interested in one thing: doing work that objectivly works.

So while we love design, a well-crafted line of copy, and the most stunning and beautifully conceived and executed ad campaigns, we only care about getting results. So if that means putting out ugly work, or a dumb line of copy, or the most ill-conceived or simple-minded campaign, that's what we'll do.

Because if it works, it works.



At our core, what sets us apart is not only our culture, values, or innovations - but also the way we do business.  We're looking for #Extra-ordinary people who have something to prove, people who want to work their asses off to level-up their skills while helping us build something that drives real, objective results.  Here's how we do business:


01 / We’re not full of shit.

We do the right thing, always.  We tell our clients what we would do if it was our budget, our team, our company - because this is all practice for when we’re doing it for ourselves.

We have higher standards, work harder, and have a greater disdain for bull-shit results than any other company.


02 / We understand how to move people.

For our team and clients, we understand how to help them overcome fear and doubt to build momentum and grow their business.

For our client's customers, we understand how people feel, think and act to connect them with messages so they take action.


03 / We’re entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We’re not “agency-side”. We’re not “corporate”. We don’t have an “entrepreneurial spirit.”  That’s all things people say when they haven't done it.

We’re a sharp team of entrepreneurs.  People who have run started businesses, run businesses, grown businesses.  So we get it.



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Whats a growth agency-2
Whats a growth agency-2



Work from anywhere
in the world.

We're far more interested in who you are than where you live.

Even before the COVID outbreak, we were focused on building the systems, processes, and tools needed to allow our team to work from anywhere.

You can work from home, are given the chance to develop your skillsets as part of an open-minded, growth-focused team, and become part of a growing Canadian company.

We think that's pretty cool.

Here are 5 more things about working here that we think are pretty cool:


1/ We'll train you and help you grow.

We don't expect you to be the expert, yet.  And it's that 'yet' that's key.  You bring the hunger, attention to detail, and a crazy-hard work ethic and we'll help you grow your skillsets to become that 'expert' you're called to be.


2/ You'll do work that matters.

You will be a key part of building the most principled and effective growth agency in the world.

We're in marketing, advertising, sales... we're in an industry where most marketing doesn't work, where most KPIs are so soft that agencies can buy results, and where client-budgets are often wasted.

We see this as a matter of right and wrong.  Truth vs lies. Working for someone vs stealing their money.  And so we believe anything short of objective results, works or doesn't work, as a matter of principle.


3/ We're okay with you being wrong.

Mistakes happen (all the time), but if they're done for the right reasons, if they're handled well afterwards, and if they're used as an opportunity to learn, to grow yourself and fix part of the framework so we're all better off it's well worth the short-term pain and embarrassment.


4/ Every sprint you'll 'win' or 'learn'.

The best part of working in an agile framework is that we always have a chance to fix it and get better.  And so every month is your chance to knock it out of the park, feel the pride of having crushed it, and take your go, "huh, what happened here?"  And to carry those learnings into the next sprint.


5/ We're all about the #Extraordinary.

You'll see that we use that word a lot.  At Phanta Media, we all have something to prove, a chip on our shoulder so to speak.  But more than that we're all here working to build an extraordinary company.  To work with extraordinary people, do extraordinary work, and live extraordinary lives.

For us, being EXTRA-ordinary means asking tough questions in the pursuit of truth, doing the right thing, always, and doing work that you're proud of.



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"The people at Phanta Media are brilliant."
Sandy De Domenico-Carless

"It's obvious to me as a business owner that these guys don't just go through the motions. They're putting their heart and soul into the work."
Adrian Jayne

"It’s a standard that I’ve not seen in any other creative company that we’ve ever worked with."
Ron McArthur

"They listen, they are focused on telling compelling stories and they always find a way to make it happen."
Marianne Arnaudon

"It was a lot of fun to be honest with you. From start to finish, they helped us along the way and we would definitely recommend Phanta Media."
Ed Bernard

"Phanta Media pushes us, not for the sake of their business but for the sake of ours."
Carm McCormick

"This is not a cookie-cutter company. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter company where it’s inputs in, outputs out, go to someone else."
Andy Olen

"From initial discovery sessions, to strategy, creative, project management, and delivery, Mark knows how to deliver projects that are on-brand, drive results and make his clients look good in the process."
Tim Ledger

"The Phanta approach, for us, was one that made us feel comfortable from day one. Being able to have a real conversation about business with somebody who really understands what you're talking about."
Bud Morris

"Mark challenges existing ideas and is skilled at teasing out the ultimate purpose of any project."
Sara Pulins

"What it really boils down to are the people. The people at Phanta Media are just fantastic."
Muhammad Mamdani

"They push, they challenge and they bring that innovation and creativity to each and every project. The proof is in they pudding and the results havey been superb."
Ron McArthur

"These are guys that are going to get inside your business with an authenticity that is really genuine."
Andy Olen



Check out these open roles now.