Surround yourself with the right people, a team full of hustle & heart.

Approach recruitment like a marketer, not an HR rep.  So you can spend more time on growth and less time putting out fires.

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A growth agency

We're in the people business.

Whether it's for lead generation to grow sales, recruitment to build a team full of hustle and heart, or the insight, data, and support needed to make tough calls, it all about people.

Who the right people are: what they think, how they feel, what excites them and scares them? Their hopes, their dreams, and their desires.

So we're really good at understanding people, tapping into their makeup, connecting with them through story, emotion, and reason, influencing their feelings and beliefs, and then motivating them to take action.

Advertising, marketing, sales... it's more psychology than it is systems. It's more storytelling and emotional that it is technology.

We'll bring you the people you need to grow your business and build something you're proud of.


Recruiting, screening, and team-building services.

Let’s face it, you’re doing too much. You’re not spending your time on the world-changing projects you should be because you’re putting out too many fires in your business.

You have a team, but the problem is you've got too many foot soldiers and you don’t have enough leaders.  As Kanye says, too many Urkels on your team, that's why your wins low.

We help to build teams full of hustle and heart by finding the right mission-driven people who align with your values and goals so you can focus on what matters most: building a business that you’re proud of.


Creative &

Giving your company the once-over it desperately needs so you say something worth people's attention, you share a vision that gives people goose-bumps, you create a movement that people want to be a part of - through mission, values, and creative story-telling.

  • Branding your culture & values
  • Campaign, role, and location creative
  • Advertising-based job postings
  • Full-service video production
  • Photography

job posts.

People don't know who you are.  They're not looking for you.  And they don't have a reason to find you.  That is, until you say the right thing to them at the right time.  That is, until you do the hard work of putting yourself in front of them in un-ignorable ways.  Our fully-managed, digital advertising campaigns help you attract the right people to your open roles.

  • Paid and unpaid postings through distribution networks
  • Google Ads campaigns including paid search & display
  • Targeted LinkedIn campaigns
  • All campaigns are actively managed on a per-role or always-on basis

"When I put my trust, my brand, and my reputation on the line I want a partner who understands the stakes. What I appreciate more than anything is that Mark and his team at Phanta Media get that."
Tim Ledger

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Career microsites
& landing pages.

Know where people lose?  They don't spend the time, energy, or budget needed to get the candidate's attention and if they manage to, they send them to a vanilla, generic website.

Do the right people want to come work for you?  Is your company boring as hell?  Is your open role a prison sentence?    If you said, sometimes, no, and oh hell no, then you need to customize the message and put as much focus on recruiting and onboarding fresh new talent as you do on sales.

  • Career portals that sell the culture, mission, and opportunity
  • Role-based landing pages
  • Culture videos
  • Social proof videos & photography
  • Case-studies and portfolios

Screening & interviewing.

Most screening and interview processes weed people out but don't draw people in.

Most candidates do a garbage job of engaging with an employer, positioning their true-self, and not under or overselling their skillsets.

Let's work to remove the guesswork from the process.  Our 100% unique (and trust us when we say that) approach flips the script on what the interview process looks like and serves up winning candidates to you who will do almost anything to be a part of your team.

  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Testing
  • Negotiating
  • Onboarding

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