Scaling B2B in unconventional ways.

This may sound crazy, but most B2B businesses never grow at a pace beyond organic growth.  And that's because they can't move faster than the 'people' allow for.

As a growth agency, we fix that.

Whats a growth agency-2

What enables growth?

Your growth is 100% tied to having more of the 'right people'.

Secretly, at Phanta Media our dream is to be able to help any Entrepreneur overcome any challenge.  And while that's a lofty goal, as we worked through the process of just how we might actually do that we hit on the 3 things that all businesses MUST have to grow:

  • Revenue - nothing grows without cash. You must have a strong cash flow and profits to re-invest in people, product, process, systems, etc
  • People - when you're doing everything yourself you can move quickly, but you hit the point where your people become a liability.  With the cash needed to hire the right team members, you can overcome any challenge.
  • Leadership - you can have all the money in the world, you can have the right team support you, but without vision, drive, and something to prove complacency sets in.


More than just talk.

So as a growth agency, we did something completely unheard of... we cut business lines and profit centres to focus everything we had in developing the most predictable, effective, and fastest ways to grow sales, build the right team, and give leaders what they need.

Crazy eh?  Well, we're not just a group of Corporates.  We're entrepreneurs ourselves.  And it was clear that every business desperately needs to grow sales, has a heck of a time finding the right people, and unequivocally must have the intel, insight, and analytics needed to make tough decisions with confidence.

And so here we are, all in on being the growth agency that B2B mission-driven owners like you can turn to.

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We only want to
do work that works.

We're all about the #Extraordinary (read that as EXTRA-ordinary). 

And while there's an endless list of tactics for us entrepreneurs, marketers, and strategists...the painful truth is that most things don't work.

We hate that.  We hate the thought of pouring time, energy, and money into something that doesn't work.  If it's a pilot or test, sure, things don't work all the time. But guess what? We cut that activity right away. Because the thought of doing something that doesn't work, month over month, year over year drives us crazy.

That's not extraordinary, that's mediocre.  That's a waste of the time and resources we have. And that is exactly what most business owners do.


Most, but not all.

That's what most do, but not all of them.  There are those who have a great thing and are ready to hit the next level.  Those who have the potential and drive, knowing with higher-sales, with the right team members, with the intel they need anything is possible.

And so as a growth agency we help those who are not willing to settle.  Those who won't force us to do things because they feel good or for political reasons.  Those who will do what it takes to make it happen.

We're a sharp group of strategists and creatives who focus on setting crystal-clear goals, working action-based tactics, and seeking objective truths.

Because things either work or they don't work.  They're worth the time and budget or they're not. You're moving closer to your goal or not.


It's the only way to predictably progress over time.

While the scientific method may have originated in the 17th century - it seems very few people apply it to business today.

Progress is only made, and therefore growth only comes out of setting a clear goal, understanding the problem at hand, developing a hypothesis grounded in research and experience, and... then... testing... it.  Yes, putting it out there for people to see, to judge, to give feedback on.

Did it work?  Were there amazing surprises or unintended consequences? What did we learn?  What do we do now?

Objective data and insight will give us clear answers.

Because to win today, you need to be nimble and proactive, you need to take action, and you must make iterative improvements in real-time.


Just think, if you're not willing to others certainly are.

Maybe you're reading this and thinking, "Finally, someone who thinks the way I think!"  And while you may not be standing and clapping as you read this, you're certainly intrigued.

And it makes sense because you know that others are doing this. 

Other business owners are focused on speed, testing, learning, and progress over perfection.

Others are not allowing their perfectionism or insecurities to slow them down.

Others know that it's not about getting everything right, the first time or every time, it's about running with something and building momentum and progress.

Because ultimately, if you keep moving slow, chasing perfection, and trying to get everything right all the time it will keep you and your business in a loop where you continue to stand still, falling behind as others pass you by.


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